Jimmy Kimmel Calls Donald Trump’s Town Hall With Himself ‘Masterdebating’ | Video

The ABC late night host also proposed Kid Rock as Trump’s 2024 running mate

The night’s big political event may have been the debate between Republican presidential hopefuls Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis, but Jimmy Kimmel had some choice words – or, at least, one choice made-up word – for Donald Trump’s town hall that went down at the same time.

“It was kind of a debate of himself. He was masterdebating onstage on Fox,” Kimmel said Thursday night.

“He covered a variety of topics and said he already knows who his running mate is going to be, which – that’s exciting. We get to know who Trump supporters would try to hang during the next insurrection,” the ABC late night host continued.

Kimmel then revealed his two top contenders for Trump’s running mates during the 2024 election: Kid Rock or “a pumpkin full of chicken nuggets.”

Though Kimmel had plenty of Trump jokes, he also had some choice quips for Haley and DesSantis. Kimmel noted that the two Republican politicians “squared off in a battle to determine which one of them won’t be President the least.” He then told his audience that DeSantis has spent “a lot of money” to be polling in third place in Iowa.

“Both he and the future do not look bright,” Kimmel said.

The late night host also tore into DeSantis for continuing his various legal fights with Disney. During the debate, DeSantis said that his opponent Haley sided with Disney by inviting them to South Carolina “even though they were trans-ing kids.”

“What? Man, if only he had access to a dictionary,” Kimmel said, laughing.

The joke was a callback to an earlier news story about Escambia County in Florida, which pulled more than 2,800 books from schools, including “The American Heritage Children’s Dictionary,” “Webster’s Dictionary for Students” and “Merriam-Webster’s Elementary Dictionary.” The reason for removing the dictionaries was because they contain definitions for words such as “sex.”


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