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Charlie Balducci, MTV’s ‘True Life’ Star, Dies at 44

Balducci was known for ranting at a limo driver in a 2002 episode of the documentary series

Charlie Balducci, one of the earliest stars of MTV’s “True Life,” has died at the age of 44.

Balducci appeared on a 2002 episode of the docuseries titled “True Life: I’m Getting Married” and became one of its most memorable stars by yelling at a limo driver on his wedding day in front of the cameras.

Balducci’s mother told TMZ that her son passed away “unexpectedly” and without signs of illness on Saturday. He was found unresponsive in his bed by paramedics around 9 p.m. and was declared dead on the scene. Cause of death is still pending.

Balducci and his wife, Sabrina Balducci, sat down for an interview with “20/20” in 2013 to discuss their experience as one of reality television’s earliest stars. The couple said MTV’s cameras were following them for four months leading up to their wedding in 2001.

“‘They’re filming your wedding? And they’re putting it on TV?’ No one could believe, you know, they didn’t understand what it was,” she said.

Balducci’s infamous moment came on their wedding day when his limo driver arrived late. He was caught swearing, “I will gut you like the f—ing piece of s— you are,” to the driver into the phone.

“In defense of myself, I really did what any Staten Islander would have done in that situation,” Balducci told ABC News.

The couple went on to have two sons, now 17 and 19. Balducci founded and served as president of NYC Arts Cypher, a nonprofit which provides programs and events for young artists.