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Charlie Sheen Drinking Again

A year after alcohol and drugs contributed to his "Two and a Half Men" firing, Sheen tells "GMA" he no longer believes in rehab

Charlie Sheen says he's drinking again, a year after his alcohol and drug abuse were factors in his firing from "Two and a Half Men."

The actor, who has been through several stints in rehab, talked about using alcohol in a "Good Morning America" interview with Elizabeth Vargas to promote his new FX show, "Anger Management." 

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In Sheen's termination letter from "Two and a Half Men" last year, lawyers for Warner Bros. TV said Sheen's "drug and alcohol abuse was not only affecting his ability to work on the show, but endangering his life." He went on several high-profile drug- and alcohol-fueled benders in the months before he was terminated.

After his firing, Sheen dubbed his home the "Sober Valley Lodge" and said he was drug- and alcohol-free.

But he told Vargas that's no longer the case with alcohol.

"So you're no longer doing drugs," Vargas asked.

"No," said Sheen.

"But you do drink?"

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"Who doesn't?" he said. "You drink?"

"Some people who've been through rehab don't drink," she replied.

"I don't believe in rehab anymore. It's not for me," Sheen said. "It's not a one size fits all. … We live in a country where it's always Miller Time. It's happy hour somewhere in the world."

Sheen also acknowledged the worries over his health last year, saying he was glad to be alive. "I'm grateful that we're able to sit here and talk about it rather than you talking about me because I'm not here," he said.

FX declined comment. Sheen's new show premieres Thursday.

In a statement, Ben Levenson, CEO of Origins Recovery Centers, called Sheen "one of the last people an addict should take advice from."

"If Mr. Sheen wants to promote his new show, great, but, I respectfully ask that he does not make blatantly false statements about addicts being able to successfully drink alcohol. For a real addict, eventually there’s a syringe or pill or pipe at the bottom of every bottle of booze,” Levenson said.

Also in the interview with "GMA," Sheen backed away from saying recently that he plans to retire after "Anger Management." He said Tuesday he may just take a break to spend more time with his kids.