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Charlie Sheen Slams Chuck Lorre Over ‘Two and a Half Men’ Finale: ‘I Don’t Care If He Lives or Dies’

”You must feel safe, motherf–ker,“ the actor adds

Charlie Sheen didn’t appreciate last month’s “Two and a Half Men” finale, which involved a lookalike being crushed by a baby grand piano. When cameras caught up to Sheen and asked him if he had any words for showrunner Chuck Lorre, the actor didn’t hold back.

“To go to that low, to be that immature, that completely un-evolved and that stupid. In my face, really?” he told TMZ. “You must feel safe, motherfucker. You must feel safe where you live.”

As TheWrap previously reported, Sheen starred opposite Jon Cryer for years on the CBS sitcom before feuding publicly with showrunner Chuck Lorre and parting ways with the series in 2011. He would eventually be replaced by Ashton Kutcher.

Still, Sheen was rumored to be making a cameo appearance on the series’ Feb. 19 finale and showrunners never ruled out the possibility. But “Two and a Half Men” ended with the Sheen-related gag instead.

“I don’t care if he lives or dies. It doesn’t even matter,” Sheen added, much to the chagrin of his cohorts, which included Darius McCrary, the former star of ABC’s “Family Matters.”

“It’s a free country, but it’s a very smart country,” he finished, before McCrary put an end to the interview.

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