Charlize Theron Suffered Cracked Teeth, 3 Root Canals From ‘Atomic Blonde’ Stunts

CinemaCon 2017: Star paid a price for kicking ass in action film

Atomic Blonde

Never accuse Charlize Theron of leaning on a stunt double — she has the root canals to prove she does it on her own.

Following the unmitigated triumph at its world premiere in SXSW, Theron brought “Atomic Blonde” to CinemaCon 2017 where she talked the consequences of her gritty, hand-to-hand combat sequences.

“You cracked your teeth, didn’t you?” panel host Natalie Morales asked Theron.

“I’m on my fourth root canal. Thanks, David,” Theron said referring to director David Leitch, who’s about to head off to direct “Deadpool 2.”

The Cold War-set action film sees Theron as a British spy in Germany just five days before the fall of the Berlin Wall. She’s surrounded by double- and triple agents, Theron said, with only one presumed ally in James McAvoy.

“It’s this rogue world where all these spies have gone really feral,” Theron said.

Footage screened was electric — brutal, visceral action set to an acidic ’80s playlist of Depeche Mode with the occasional Kanye West mashup. The CinemaCon crowd also got a glimpse of Theron’s love interest, Sofia Boutella, and her assigning director John Goodman.

“Atomic Blonde” hits theaters on July 28.