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‘Chasing Life’ Stars Italia Ricci, Richard Brancatisano on Whether They’re Team Leo or Team Dominic (Video)

The stars of ABC Family drama tease upcoming episode in newest edition of TheWrap’s ”Drinking With the Stars“

ABC Family’s “Chasing Life” is about a young woman whose life unravels when she’s diagnosed with cancer, but that doesn’t mean there’s no time for romance.

Series stars Italia Ricci and Richard Brancatisano joined TheWrap for a new edition of “Drinking With the Stars” and dished on whether they would like to see April (Ricci) paired up with Dominic (Brancatisano), her now ex-boyfriend, or Leo (Scott Michael Foster), the rich kid who also has cancer and with whom she had a love/hate courtship.

It’s got all the makings of a love triangle that’s destined to divide fans, and perhaps even the stars themselves.

“I remember reading the scripts in the beginning and being like ‘oh I’m totally Team Leo,'” said Ricci. “And then I would watch the episodes and be like, ‘oh my god, Richie, you’re killing me!’ and then I’d be Team Dominic. It’s so unfair and I oscillate between teams just like the audience.”

“I do the same, I go between them as well,” said Brancatisano, despite playing one side of the triangle. “I love Leo! But today, at this hour, I’m Team Dominic right now.”

Perhaps Brancantisano has reason to be hopeful.

“I feel like their bond was pretty strong at the beginning,” said the actor. “So even though it’s rocky right now, I think there’s still hope.”

But still, Ricci remembers all too well the rockiness.

“I still maintain that she didn’t cheat on him,” she said. “I feel like Ross on ‘Friends’ screaming ‘We were on a break!’ He can be hurt, but he can’t say that she cheated on him.”

“Chasing Life” airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC Family.