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‘Chasing Ocean Giants': New Discovery+ Series Reveals the Terrifying Way Whales Sleep (Exclusive Video)

”Like alien egg sacs“

Free diver and filmmaker Patrick Dykstra goes in search of “some of the world’s most enigmatic creatures” in the Discovery+ documentary series “Chasing Ocean Giants.” Watch an exclusive preview from the series above.

The eight-episode series follows Dykstra as he documents the behavior of whales around the world, “from Arctic Bowheads going head-to-head with killer whales in Russia, to night singing humpbacks in Colombia.”

In the clip from the premiere episode, Dykstra travels to the Caribbean island of Dominica to examine the behavior of sperm whales and encounters a pod of whales taking an eerily vertical “power nap.” According to Dykstra, the reason sperm whales look like “alien egg sacs” while they sleep remains unknown.

All eight episodes of “Chasing Ocean Giants” are set to debut on the streaming service on Thursday, April 29 as part of Discovery’s ongoing “Earth Month” event.

The series is produced by Plimsoll Productions and Underdog Films where James Reed, Andrew Jackson and Martha Holmes are executive producers and Stephen Shearman is series producer. For discovery+, Dawn Sinsel is executive producer and Pat Dempsey is supervising producer.