Check Out This Supercut Of Donald Trump Arguing With Debate Moderators (Video)

Martha Raddatz’s attempts to keep the debate moving resulted in some friction between her and Trump

If you thought the exchanges between Donald Trump and Martha Raddatz at tonight’s debate were pretty tense on Sunday night, you aren’t alone.

After the debate, CNN released a supercut on YouTube of seven different instances where Trump voiced his frustration with Raddatz and Anderson Cooper. It started with Trump complaining that Hillary Clinton had gone 25 seconds over her allotted time and that he wanted to finish his statement. It continued with him demanding that Cooper and Raddatz ask Clinton about her released emails, to which Cooper reminded him that they did.

Raddatz received praise on social media for her hard foreign policy questions and her attempts to keep the debate on-topic, but that diligence lead to her facing off against Trump on multiple occasions. Trump continued to attack Clinton and call her “a disaster as a senator,” while Raddatz tried to ask questions about the candidates’ plans to address the crisis in Syria.

Later in the debate, Trump again accused the moderators of regularly allowing Clinton to go over her time. But as CNN later noted, Trump and Clinton got about equal speaking time, with Trump speaking for 40 minutes and Clinton speaking for 39.

It will be interesting to see if Trump has as much friction with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, who will be moderating the final presidential debate on the campus of UNLV. That debate will take place Wednesday, Oct. 19.

Watch CNN’s supercut above.