Chelsea Handler Promises to Call Out Boebert, Taylor Greene on ‘Daily Show’: ‘The Kinds of Women That You CAN Go After’

The comedian told the hosts of “The View” that the “unwomanly” congresswomen “need to be called out”

Chelsea Handler Revolution
Chelsea Handler in her Netflix stand-up special "Revolution" (Netflix)

When comedian Chelsea Handler guest hosts “The Daily Show” later this month, she will be making a point to talk about certain people. And yes, that includes Congresswomen Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

While appearing on “The View” Thursday, host Joy Behar asked Handler point blank who should be concerned about being a target when Handler hosts, and of course, the comedian had a list ready. Handler noted that she is “chomping at the bit” to talk about Elon Musk and new GOP congressman George Santos. But her big focus will be the women in congress.

“The Marjorie Taylor Greenes and the Lauren Boeberts, I mean, it’s just too much to not talk about, you know?” Handler said. “And those are the kinds of women that you can go after, and I intend to do it, because they need to be called out. It’s so unwomanly to be behaving like that!”

Later in the interview, host Sunny Hostin asked Handler if she ever gets worried about “getting canceled” in the court of public opinion for the things she says in her stand-up. To that, Handler had a simple answer: no, she never worries about it.

Handler noted that “all you have to do” is not be racist, sexist, or discriminatory in any way — which should be easy for people. She argued that being able to “think of clever material that doesn’t harm others” should really be “not a tall order.”

Handler is set to be one of many guest hosts of “The Daily Show” beginning Jan. 17, as Comedy Central searches for a permanent replacement for Trevor Noah, who exited the position of host in December.

When Handler was pressed on whether she’d want the job full time, she admitted that she’d be “open” to discussing it, because there needs to be more female representation in late night shows.