Chelsea Handler Weighs in on ‘The Daily Show’ Host Search: ‘Whether It’s Me or Not, They Should Hire a Woman’ (Video)

They “should respect the fact that we are in a moment where women are finally dominating,” Handler says

As “The Daily Show” continues its search for a full-time host to replace Trevor Noah, Chelsea Handler has just one request: let it be a woman.

During her appearance “The Tonight Show” on Wednesday night, host Jimmy Fallon fawned over Handler’s stint as guest host back in February, asking her “when are they making the move? When is Chelsea Handler takin’ over Daily Show?”

Handler has made no secret of the fact that she’s definitely interested in taking the job full time, but wouldn’t give any hints as to where she currently stands in the running. What she would say was that, in the end, she thinks Comedy Central needs to get a woman back into late night.

“Anybody in a position of power should respect the fact that we are in a moment where women are finally dominating the way that they deserve to be,” Handler said. “And whether it’s me or not, they should hire a woman.”

The comedian went into great detail on exactly how women are “dominating” right now, citing the success of artists like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, as well as movies like “Barbie.”

“The two highest grossing tours of the summer are women,” she explained. “The highest grossing movie of the year was directed by a woman about women, you know? ‘Barbie!’ And you look at Coco Gauff, and how many people are watching her win her very first Grand Slam versus watching the man who broke every record and is breaking them.”

You can watch Handler’s full comments on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” in the video above.


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