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Cher Threatens to Move to Jupiter If Donald Trump Is Elected President

The pop icon railed on Trump in a series of tweets

Cher probably won’t be voting for Donald Trump in 2016.

The billionaire host of “The Celebrity Apprentice” announced his presidential bid on Tuesday, and the pop icon was not happy about it.

In a series of Tweets, Cher took Trump to task, declaring him a “Loudmouth Asshole, Who’s terrified of Windy Days.” “Donald Trump Can’t come up with a hairstyle that looks human,how can he come up with a plan to defeat ISIS,” she wrote in a reply to another user.

Despite her assertion that the only state Trump would win in an election would be “The State of Desperation,” Cher threatened to move to Jupiter if the real estate magnate takes the White House.

When asked if she would ever pose for a photo with a President Donald Trump, the singer wrote, “I RATHER STICK NEEDLES IN MY EYES.”

And Trump wasn’t the only Republican candidate to take a hit. The singer said that being asked to choose between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump was like being asked to choose between a having migraine and throwing up.

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