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Chloë Grace Moretz Admits to Cello-Playing Body Double in ‘If I Stay’ (Video)

After trying and failing to learn the instrument, her head was superimposed on a body double for the film

Chloë Grace Moretz gave learning the cello the old college try, but she had to settle for special effects in the film “If I Stay.” The actress admitted on “Chelsea Lately” that she used a body double for the cello-playing scenes in the film, with her head superimposed over another musician’s form through “movie magic.”

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She said that it was a bit of a challenge for her to act like she was playing the instrument, when she could only act with her head. She had to hold her body completely still while moving her head about as if she was feeling the music she wasn’t playing. But she said the final result turned out really well.

Special effects aren’t just for spaceships and superheroes anymore.

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“If I Stay” is a teen weeper based on the novel by Gayle Forman. It was directed by R.J. Cutler from a screenplay by Shauna Cross. Moretz plays a young woman who finds herself trapped somewhere between life and death after a car accident kills her family. Warner Bros. will release the film to theaters on Friday, Aug. 22.