Chris Brown Takes Turn as Victim in BET’s ‘Punk’d’ Reboot: Wrap Trends (Video)

TheWrap’s Jordan Burchette plays the hot-tempered 26-year-old for punch lines

Chris Brown found himself the first victim of BET’s “Punk’d” reboot on Tuesday.

In the premiere episode, the pop singer meets a 9-year-old fan on the set of his music video who tells him she’s been abandoned by her parents and left alone in the middle of nowhere. Just as Brown begins to panic, the show ups the ante by convincing him she has been kidnapped when the girl is led off the set by an unidentified abductor.

Thankfully the reputed hot head with a litany of assault allegations to his name is able to restrain himself, but it’s unclear whether that’s because he’s reformed or because the show went easy on him so soon after the end of his probation for domestic abuse.

BET announced the revival of the Ashton Kutcher-less hidden camera prank series back in April. It’s produced by Katalyst Media and executive-produced by Jason Goldberg.

Is this a win for a nostalgic show mounting a comeback on the back of a vulnerable celebrity trying to make his own? Watch the latest Wrap Trends and decide for yourself!

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