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Chris Christie and Jimmy Fallon Present ‘The Evolution of Dad Dancing’ (Video)

New Jersey governor gets down in golf shirt and khaki pants alongside ”The Tonight Show“ host

In honor of Father’s Day this upcoming weekend, Jimmy Fallon decided to spotlight “The Evolution of Dad Dancing” on “The Tonight Show” Thursday night. To help him out, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie came on stage. Both of them were sporting classic dad looks, with golf shirts tucked into khaki pants.

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The dance moves got more elaborate as they went along, with highlights including “The Don’t Make Me Turn This Car Around” and “The Back It Up,” which featured the pair … backing it up.

They also spotlighted the differences between political parties, with a very minimal dance for “The Republican Convention,” while “The Democratic Convention” featured the pair really getting down.

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Christie, who is a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen, grew particularly animated with “The Dance You Do at a Springsteen Concert,” while “The I Saw This Once On ‘Dancing With The Stars'” was their most challenging move, with Christie sliding Fallon between his legs.

It seemed like everything was going great, until Fallon broke into “The This Bridge Is Closed,” in reference to the scandal involving the closure of the George Washington Bridge last fall. Christie has denied any knowledge or involvement in the incident.

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The potential Republican presidential candidate immediately stopped dancing, instead giving Fallon a piece of his mind before walking off stage. Of course, he came back almost immediately to continue the dance celebration.