Chris Christie Reminds Fox News of Trump’s ‘Build the Wall’ Campaign Swing – and Miss: ‘Mexico Hasn’t Given Us One Peso’ (Video)

A light bulb went off for the former New Jersey governor after he first took aim at Joe Biden

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is running as a Republican candidate in the 2024 presidential race and appeared Wednesday on Fox News, taking aim at the likely Democratic incumbent and current president, Joe Biden.

Christie targeted Biden even after “America’s Newsroom” ran graphics and discussed the fact Donald Trump is not only handily polling ahead of Ron DeSantis but leading a pack of also-rans that include Christie, who was shown as polling at a meager 2% in the Republican race.

“Record inflation, botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, sending the country into an educational tailspin because we’re excluding parents from their children’s education,” Christie reeled off, taking a page out of the DeSantis playbook before show host Bill Hemmer interrupted.

“The border,” Hemmer said, blankly.

A light bulb then went off for Christie.

“But wait a second Bill,” the former CNN political analyst said, after Hemmer chimed in that Trump had more success with his Mexican border policies. “His policies did not do better with the border, OK? At the border, we had a diminution of what we’re seeing now. But remember what he promised in 2016 — he would build a wall across the entire border in his first four years and Mexico was going to pay for it.

“We got a wall that’s about a quarter of the way done,” Christie continued. “And Mexico hasn’t given us one peso, yet. So, you know, Donald Trump in 2016 was a guy who had no record, so he couldn’t be examined in a very specific way. He now said he was going to do that with immigration. And by the way, he had a Congress in the first two years fully controlled by the Republicans — not one change in the immigration laws. So of course Biden can come in and make things much worse.”

Watch more of the segment in the video above.