Trump May Attend 3rd GOP Debate Because ‘He Will Have Lost Even More Ground in the Polls,’ Chris Christie Says (Video)

“And you know, that’s all Donald Trump cares about, is looking at the latest poll,” Christie tells MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” crew

Republican presidential hopeful Chris Christie does not expect to see Trump at the next GOP debate — but he does think there’s a chance for the third one, in October, because polls will show Trump losing “even more ground.”

Following the first debate on August 23, new polling showed Trump’s numbers dropped marginally, after he opted to do a pre-recorded interview with Tucker Carlson on X (formerly known as Twitter) instead. That drop won’t be significant enough to convince Trump to show up to the next debate, Christie predicted, especially considering one of his long-held grudges.

“No, I don’t think he’ll show up at the Reagan Library debate, Jonathan,” Christie said. “The reason I don’t is, again, his pettiness. And everything to him is personal. And so, he’s had a conflict for the last eight years with the Reagan Library.”

Christie continued, “He’s insulted that he hasn’t been invited to speak there. He doesn’t like the chairman of the Reagan Foundation. And, you know, all of that is more important to Donald Trump than giving Republican voters an opportunity to hear all the candidates who want to be president compare their views up on the stage.”

That said, Christie noted that the results of the second debate could be more damaging, and as a result, compel Trump to show up on stage in October.

“I’d keep my eye on the on the debate in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in October,” Christie said. “Because at that point, he will have lost even more ground in the polls, in my view.”

He continued, “And you know, that’s all Donald Trump cares about, is looking at the latest poll that he can see and determining his conduct, not by what’s right, not by what’s fair to the Republican voters, but by what he perceives in his personal interest.”

You can watch Christie’s full comments in the video above.