Chris Christie’s ‘SNL’ Spot Yields Silly Conservative Backlash (Video)

Because no chief executive should do anything not directly related to the business of governing, ever

Remember when Chris Christie could do no wrong with the conservatives?

Those heady days of about a month ago seem so far away now. Conservative megaphone The Drudge Report amplified a story Monday in the relatively obscure Front Page Mag complaining about the New Jersey governor appearing on "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend as his state continues to dig out of Hurricane Sandy. The story appeared as Drudge's main item with the headline, 'CHRISTIE CLOWNS ON 'SNL' AS RESIDENTS SUFFER."

Once praised for slashing budgets and butting heads with unions, Christie has had a bit of a falling out with conservatives since he praised President Obama's handling of Sandy in the final days of the presidential campaign. In our new, dopey world, it's now frowned upon to say anything that could be interpreted as reasonable if it helps the other team.

Christie has fallen into the same criticism that Obama faces every time he golfs and that befell President George W. Bush whenever he dared lift weights or jog: No chief executive should ever do anything, ever, besides the business of governing.

Here's Christie's "SNL" appearance: