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Chris Evans Ignites Civil War Over Which Potato Chip Is Best

How could Captain America put Cool Ranch Doritos over Cheetos?!?!

What does Captain America have against Lay’s?

The latest Twitter debate gained steam when Chris Evans retweeted an innocent enough video in which a group of men ranked six different brands of potato chips featured in a boxed assortment.

The debate went viral, with everyone from Questlove, Perez Hilton and Monica Lewinsky sharing their rankings, and let me tell you, America has clearly never been more divided over an issue than this one.

“The correct answer is: 1. Cool ranch, 2. Cheetos. 3. Nacho cheese Doritos. 4. Fritos. 5. BBQ Lay’s. 6. Original Lay’s,” Evans posited. “I will not be taking questions.”

It’s worth noting that the Frito Lay company produces all six of these potato chips, and not included in this variety box are the far superior Sun Chips (don’t @ me) or the dark horse, cult favorite Funyuns.

We’ll also forgive Questlove’s classification of his bottom ranked “regular ass Lay’s,” which in my humble opinion could easily compete for the top spot. Can’t beat a classic. And it’s quite clear that this assorted box has nine bags of Original Lays, while there are only three bags each of Cool Ranch, BBQ Lay’s and Fritos. Case closed.

Regardless, we think the Frito Lay company might be sending a box of these to Chris Evans doorstep any day now. See the tweets below:

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