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Chris Hayes Blasts Conservative Media for Smearing Muslim American Veteran as ISIS Member (Video)

“Every last one of them should be ashamed,” MSNBC host says about outlets that reported Muslim American Air Force veteran was member of terrorist group

Chris Hayes took on conservative media outlets on Thursday for smearing the name of a Muslim American Air Force veteran by reporting he was an ISIS operative.

As TheWrap previously reported, a new report by The Intercept discredited a Pajamas Media report that said Saadiq Long was arrested on the Turkey-Syria border for having ties to ISIS.

He and his family were in fact detained — not arrested — presumably because he’s on a no-fly list; an issue he dealt with while trying to travel back to the U.S. in 2012 to visit his ill mother.

But the Pajamas Media reporter, Patrick Poole, reported he’d been arrested due to ISIS ties, a story he stuck to in a response to TheWrap on Thursday.

“New information may be available but I reported what I had,” he said. His now-discredited report spread in conservative media, being picked up by Foxnews.com, Daily Caller and elsewhere.

Hayes, who interviewed Long in 2013, had sharp words for all outlets who ran with the false story.

“This is what Islamophobia means,” he said. “It means a taint of suspicion that attaches to millions… because of the acts of a few of their co-religionists.”

“I’m sure the countless editors and writers who pass it along don’t think of themselves as bigots, but they unambiguously aided the worst kind of bigotry,” he continued.

“And every last one of them should be ashamed.”

Watch the video below.