Chris Hemsworth Channels His Spirit Animal in New Shirtless Workout (Video)

Bears and wombats and kangaroos! Oh, my!

Last Updated: January 14, 2019 @ 5:00 AM

Chris Hemsworth summons his beast within, getting on all fours to cross a basketball court in a workout clip he posted on Twitter Friday.

“Trying to lock in on my workout spirit animal for 2019,” Hemsworth tweeted as caption to a video of the bare-chested “Thor” star crawling across the court, as his trainer shouts, “Bears! Bears! Bears!” Then, “Wombats! Wombats! Wombats!”

Breathing heavily, Hemsworth pops up to his feet for a few lunges and then quickly goes into “kangaroo boy” mode, crouching and bouncing his way forward before dropping to the ground exhausted.

Only a superhero could withstand that kind of punishment.

Hemsworth will next be seen in “Avengers: Endgame,” which hits theaters om April 29, then “Men in Black: International” beginning June 14.

Check out the video below.