Chris Hemsworth Hates the One ‘Thor’ Joke He Always Gets (Video)

Thursday’s “Conan” re-telling proves it’s a groaner

Chris Hemsworth gets a kick out of the “Thor” puns and fan art he sees on the internet — the one joke he’s heard on the street “about 300 times,” not so much.

The actor offered to share the hacky material on “Conan” Thursday, but warned that it’s not very funny. To which the TBS host replied, “You’re on the right show then.”

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Here is Hemsworth’s re-telling: “So basically Thor meets this young maiden and they sleep with one another, have a wonderful night. The next morning, Thor says, ‘Fair maiden, I must confess and tell you who I am: I’m Thor.’ And she says, ‘You’re thor? I can hardly walk!'”

It’s not any better out-of-print. But watch the video below and decide for yourself.

The superhero and Conan O’Brien then went through some of the top Photoshopped puns, including ads for Thoreal and Vic-Thor-ia’s Secret. Those he fancies far more.

Watch the clip: