Chris Hemsworth Shares Shocking Photo of Extreme Weight Loss for ‘In The Heart of the Sea’

In July, the actor had revealed he was on a 500-calorie-per-day diet to prepare for the film that inspired “Moby Dick”

Chris Hemsworth shares shocking photo of his "In the Heart of the sea" diet

Chris Hemsworth‘s bulky biceps and six-pack abs are no more, as the actor shared a photo of himself after he underwent an extreme diet for his upcoming movie, “In the Heart of the Sea.”

Just tried a new diet/training program called ‘Lost At Sea.’ Wouldn’t recommend it..#IntheHeartoftheSea,” the actor captioned the photo he via Instagram shared over the weekend.

In July, the Aussie had told Entertainment Tonight that in order to prepare for the film, which follows the story that inspired the Herman Melville classic “Moby Dick,” he consumed approximately 500 calories a day.

“We have to shoot the really skinny stuff where we drop down to 5, 6, 700 calories a day, a good three or four weeks and it’s going to be pretty uncomfortable, but we’ll be together in our misery,” Hemsworth told ET. “I spend more time thinking about food than anything else at the moment.”

In the film, Hemsworth plays a 19th century sailor, who gets caught in a war with a gigantic sperm whale. After the whale crushes their ship, the crew has to do the unthinkable, which includes resorting to cannibalism, to stay alive.

With “Thor: Ragnarok” coming out in 2017, Hemsworth will have to gain back all his muscles.

“In the Heart of the Sea” hits theaters Dec. 11, and stars Hemsworth, Cillian Murphy, Tom Holland, Ben Whishaw, Benjamin Walker and Michelle Fairley.

See the scary and shocking photo below.