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Chris Pratt Becomes Jason Statham to Sell ‘Jason Steakums’ in Cut ‘SNL’ Sketch (Video)

The fake ad for the popular steak sandwich meat sold at grocery stores was cut for time

Chris Pratt is action star Jason Statham in a “Saturday Night Live” sketch that was cut from the “Jurassic World” star’s September episode.

In the clip NBC released on Tuesday, Pratt sports a bald cap, a leather jacket and a gravelly British accent to sell a product called “Jason Statham‘s Jason Steakums.”

“You’ll find with my steakums, once you have one, you can’t have another,” he says. “Your body just can’t break them down. And that’s a big problem.”

Pratt’s impression is pretty spot on, from the accent to the intense squint he maintains throughout the sketch. The¬†clip is worth a watch for his performance alone.

Watch the video.