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Chris Rock Comes Up With Great Mass-Shooting Joke

Dane Cook, take note

See? It can be done.

Many people would say it's impossible for anyone to come up with a good joke about the recent mass shootings. Dane Cook and Jeff Ross have taken heat for trying. But Chris Rock demonstrated on "CBS This Morning" Thursday that it's possible.

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"We got to figure out guns," Rock said. "We got to figure out how to stop this gun stuff. We do. Whenever people try to defend their guns, they always say, “I'm protecting my property. I'm protecting my property.” Every time there's a mass shooting, it's a guy who lives with his mother. He owns no property."

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It makes the shooter the victim of the joke, doesn't minimize the tragedy, and takes a strong, fresh point of view. Classic Rock.

The star of the new "Two Days in New York" has always been a dynamic thinker on the subject of gun control. To wit: