Chris Rock Takes ‘SNL’ Promos, Fake Prince to NYC Streets (Video)

It was Bobby Moynihan the whole time, you guys

Chris Rock Bobby Moynihan

Even though he was once a cast member, in Chris Rock, “Saturday Night Live” has a very different type of host this week. So, naturally, “SNL” got a very different kind of promo.

Rock and cast member Bobby Moynihan took a microphone, a camera, one tiny purple hat and not much more of a plan than that to the streets of New York City, coming back with one-minute and 16 seconds of stand-up-esque marketing material.

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In the first of three acts, Rock played a “Where’s Waldo?” game with Moynihan portraying a very obviously not-Prince, who is musical guest for Saturday’s episode. Next, Rock demonstrated the level of screaming that the musician’s name still evokes with women worldwide.

Finally, the duo planned which Prince songs they would cover this weekend: Bobby is more in-tune with the pop version of the artist, while Rock prefers the dirty stuff.

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“When they think Bobby Moynihan and Chris Rock, they think ‘Erotic City,’” the comedians agreed in chorus. 

Watch the video below.