Fox News’ Chris Wallace Praised Across Political Spectrums for ‘the Best’ TV Interview With Trump (Video)

Chris Wallace grilled President Trump in a wide-ranging and direct interview that aired Sunday and generated buzz and praise

Chris Wallace’s “Fox News Sunday” interview with President Donald Trump generated buzz over the weekend, with some of the praise coming from unexpected sources.

Across the political and media spectrums, Wallace was roundly cheered for his grilling of Trump on the coronavirus response and Joe Biden, as well as his willingness to correct the president’s untrue statements.

Watch the interview in the video above.

Axios’ Jonathan Swan wrote on Twitter, “I think I’ve watched every television interview Donald Trump has done since announcing his candidacy in 2015. Chris Wallace just did the best one, and by some distance.

Legendary broadcaster Dan Rather weighed in, too: “A tip of the Stetson to Chris Wallace. A consummate pro. Tough. Prepared. Fair. Always ready with a fact check and a follow-up question. I imagine there is quite a scene at the White House trying to contain the fallout.”

Democratic political consultant David Axelrod called the interview “very good,” while the Poynter Institute for Media Studies went a step further, declaring, “Chris Wallace masterfully turned in what might have been the best TV interview ever with President Donald Trump.”

“Now that is how you interview Trump,” cheered conservative “The View” co-host Meghan McCain.

On his own network, Wallace was met with much of the same. He joined Bret Baier as he guest-hosted “America’s Newsroom” Monday, and Baier said, “Congratulations. You made us all proud.”