Christine O’Donnell Is Not a Witch — and Not For Trump (Video)

“He’s a calculated man, he knows exactly what he’s doing,” O’Donnell says on CNN

Former Tea Party leader Christine O’Donnell officially came out against Donald Trump on CNN on Thursday.

The former Republican Senate candidate — who is not a witch — told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin that she is “extremely anti-Trump,” but she understands why voters are “flocking” to the Republican presidential candidate.

“The average middle-class American, especially the white male, or the immigrant who’s come here legally and had to work hard and pave their own way … they have been told to sit down and shut up, to take a backseat to political correctness,” she said.

“And every time they get pushed aside to make room for what is politically correct, and they see our leaders ignore them, this anger is bubbling and it’s finally erupted,” O’Donnell continued.

But the Tea Party activist said that Trump is simply taking advantage of voters’ outrage without actually doing anything to lead or promote change.

“He did nothing to liberate the middle class from political correctness until he decided to run for president, and then it’s only giving voice. He isn’t really doing anything except inciting riots,” she said, later adding that she doesn’t “blame him for the violence” or see him as directly responsible.

“He’s a calculated man, he knows exactly what he’s doing,” she said.

Watch the video.