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Why You Might See Christopher Nolan’s Name as the ‘MacGruber’ Sequel Director (Video)

But probably not

Jorma Taccone joined Seth Meyers on Tuesday night with a few updates from the “MacGruber”-verse. Neither was totally sincere; both were humorous.

First, at a DGA dinner, former “Saturday Night Live” writer Taccone approached fellow director and “MacGruber” superfan Christopher Nolan (“Tenet,” “Inception,” “Interstellar,” “Memento,” “Dunkirk,” the good “Batman” films and other serious movies) with a plan.

“We’re thinking about doing this sequel pretty soon, and what do you think about me putting– when the director title comes up, it just says ‘Christopher Nolan’ with an asterisk,” Taccone told Meyers. “And then after the movie, another asterisk — like a footnote comes up — and says who really directed the movie.”

Nolan’s response? “Well, you know, I’ll have to ask my wife,” Taccone recalled.

“I am so confident that question never got asked to Christopher Nolan’s wife,” Meyers quipped.

Watch the video above.

In the interview segment, Taccone shared a much more concrete update to the upcoming “MacGruber” Peacock series. Things seem to be going well, but there’s a bit of a delay in the writing process — and Meyers is to blame.

“We’ve been writing Monday, Wednesday, Friday every week and quite often we’ll start about a half-hour late because Will [Forte] is off doing Sea Captain lines,” Taccone said.

Taccone later admitted that the delay was much more like an hour.

“So I’m pretty glad that that’s over,” Taccone said.

The Sea Captain comes from a picture that hangs on the walls of Meyers’ home. Seth and Will brought the old man to life while “Late Night” taped from its host’s place during the coronavirus shutdown.

Taccone appeared on “Late Night” to promote his new children’s book “Little Fox and the Wild Imagination.” And no, the fact that his Emmy for “Dick in a Box” was behind the Lonely Island member the whole time was not lost on Seth Meyers.