Chuck Todd Thinks Cold Weather Could Lead to a DeSantis Win in Iowa: ‘Weird Things Happen’ | Video

The state has been hit with extremely cold temperatures ahead of Monday’s caucuses

Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press" (NBC)

Temperatures throughout Iowa are below zero the day before the Iowa caucuses, and NBC’s Chuck Todd thinks the extreme weather could throw a curveball into the results. The NBC News political director told “Meet the Press” host Kristen Welker that signs are pointing to a surprisingly strong performance for Ron DeSantis against heavy favorite Donald Trump.

“[The weather] almost is the entire ballgame for turnout because the smaller the turnout, that’s when weird things happen here,” Todd said. “Rick Santorum didn’t win in a large turnout. And Donald Trump has benefitted from big turnouts. The higher the turnout has been in the general election, more Trump voters have come. And is there a complacency issue that Trump has to worry about?”

In final polls conducted by NBC News/Des Moines Register/Mediacom in Iowa, Trump held a nearly 30 point lead over the other Republican challengers for the primary at 48%. Nikki Haley scored 20% while DeSantis sat in third place with 16%. To Todd’s point, though, the extreme temperatures are likely to lead to a much smaller turnout, which could lead to surprising results.

“It should be a real advantage to Ron DeSantis. Here’s the guy that has been building an organization longer than any other campaign,” he said. “He’s got the governor on his side who’s got a built-in organization. This is why you build an organization, is when the weather drops unexpectedly, are you gonna get your people out? So in theory this is all, I think, setting up really well right now for Ron DeSantis.”

The forecast for Monday isn’t much warmer with highs still below zero, and wind chills reaching temperatures as low as -45. All eyes are on the Iowa caucus as the Republican primary race enters a key phase this week.

Can a spoiler emerge, or is a Trump victory inevitable?


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