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NBC News’ Chuck Todd: ‘Maybe a Sentence’ of Trump’s First RNC Speech Was Truthful (Video)

”If we were to air just the truthful parts we could probably only air maybe a sentence,“ Todd said of Trump’s comments during roll call

NBC News’ Chuck Todd said that if MSNBC were to air only the factual parts of President Donald Trump’s opening speech at Republican National Convention on Monday morning, the network could probably only air maybe a sentence.”

“We’ve been watching President Trump addressing delegates in Charlotte after being formally renominated at the opening session at the 2020 Republican convention,” Todd said when opening “Meet the Press Daily” after the speech’s conclusion. “That roll call vote is now going to formally wrap up. We were told this convention would be upbeat and optimistic. Well, what we have just heard from the president was a grievance-filled informal acceptance speech that was filled with so many made-up problems about mail-in voting that if we were to air just the truthful parts, we probably could only air maybe a sentence, if that much.”

He went on, “Until the president has kicked off his unconventional convention and we have to kick off with a massive fact-check with it — we’re going to get to that in a second — clearly this convention is going to look a lot different than what we saw last week from the Democrats.”

Todd pointed out that Trump trails Democratic nominee Joe Biden in polling “by a sizable margin.”

“He’s seemingly been looking for ways to disrupt the vote and sow doubts about its result rather than try to actually catch up the clean way,” he said, noting that Trump “went on a tirade about how this election is going to be rigged unless he wins” during his speech.

Earlier Monday, the president criticized MSNBC and CNN for focusing coverage not only on the roll call, but on the testimony of USPS postmaster general Louis DeJoy, who faced questioning about his leadership as money-saving cuts raise concerns that mail-in voting — a safer option than standing in line at polling places amid the pandemic — may be impacted ahead of the election. Trump has been railing against mail-in voting for weeks.