Cinedigm Doubles Record for Digital Screen Installations

The company has now installed almost 8,000 digital screens

Cinedigm’s reach continues to expand as it announced on Thursday it installed more screens in its fiscal 2012 second quarter, 1,427, than it has in any quarter previously.

The company now has almost 8,000 digital screens already up, with 154 exhibitors. It has a total of 9,667 under contract, leaving nearly 2,000 more to be installed.

Its best quarter previously was the fiscal year's first quarter, when it installed 642 screens.

“With just under 12 months remaining before the end of our rollout, we are seeing an extraordinary increase in the number of exhibitors coming to us to sign deployment agreements,” Chuck Goldwater, president of Cinedigm’s Media Services Group, said in a statement. 

“Together with our invaluable equipment vendor partners and our many local dealer and service partners across the country, we will continue to give as many exhibitors as possible the opportunity to be included in the digital future of our industry,” he added.

Installing digital screens is a core business for Cinedigm, one it has focused more on since shedding what it deemed extraneous divisions throughout the year. It helps in the funding, installation and operations support for those projects.

It also offers exhibitors less traditional programming for the digital screens, such as filmed versions of sporting events and concerts.