Clinton and Drake Tag Team Millennium Fundraiser

Former President targets under-45 Hollywood on Thursday night

President Bill Clinton returned to Hollywood for a friend-raising and fundraising event aimed at young professionals under the age of 45 on Thursday night. One of the new friends joining Clinton’s “Millennium Network”: Drake, who co-hosted the event with the 43rd President.

Drake took the stage at Boulevard3 for a six-song set after the President spoke about the Clinton Foundation’s global humanitarian efforts.

Several hundred attendees (in unusually Washington, D.C.-esque attire for Sunset Blvd) donated $150 and up towards the Foundations’ continuing efforts against HIV/Aids, global climate change, and supporting education programs.

Rose McGowan, Rob Riggle, and the new face of the NBA, Blake Griffin (L.A. Clippers) brought extra starpower, but the biggest head-turner of the night was the easiest booking: Chelsea Clinton and husband Mark Mezvinksy strolled in unannounced, drawing errant flashbulbs from all corners.

CAA agent Michael Kives (a former Clinton staffer), Tommy Alastra, and Laurie David were among the chief celebrity and financial wranglers for the Hollywood edition of the traveling event.  Nightlife luminary Brent Bolthouse DJ’d.

On the opening day of the NCAA basketball tournament, former CBS courtside host Pat O’Brien made the rare public appearance. He said that he first met President Clinton when he popped in to a studio to check up on Arkansas tournament scores during the 1992 campaign.

O’Brien, who has had his own substance abuse issues played out in public weighed in on Charlie Sheen. “I know Charlie very well,” he told TheWRAP. “He’s going through a lot right now. I’ve talked to him, (and) that’s none of your business.” He then smiled and said, “That was just a joke,” (twice) which led me to believe it was not.

Drake will continue to expand his brand, having been tapped for the film “Arbitrage” with Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon. The filmstarts shooting in April next month, and one of the film’s producers Mohammed Al Turki was seen in the room last night keeping an eye on his star.

The night before, Laurie Burrows Grad’s “19th Annual “A Night at Sardi’s” toasted Disney President/CEO Robert Iger at the Beverly Hilton.

Jonah Hill, Betty White, Patrick Dempsey, David Hyde Pierce, and Nick Jonas hit the awards dinner and fundraiser to add on to the $18 million that the event has raised over the years for the Alzheimer’s Association. Burrows Grad and brother James Burrows’ late father, director Abe Burrows, suffered from the disease.

After telling TheWRAP a few weeks ago that he needed to beef up on his philanthropic efforts, Seth Rogen manned the podium for the night. He warmed up for the Sardi’s hosting gig by presenting a Humanitarian Award to Judd Apatow at the Venice Family Clinic’s Silver Circle Gala last month.

He stole the show that night by reading a fake e-mail from Apatow, a 10-year supporter of the largest free clinic in the country.  On that day-after the Oscars, Apatow, Rogen, Jonah Hill, and a quiet Chuck Lorre helped raised more than $1 million for the clinic, its 500 doctors, and 2000 volunteers that serve 24,400 low-income and uninsured patients annually at nine west side locations.

(Photos by Adam Schultz/Clinton Foundation)