Clubhouse Downloads on Pace to Jump 179% in June Thanks to Android Rollout

Live audio app is pushing towards a new record for monthly downloads, despite increased competition

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Don’t call it a comeback? Only two weeks into June, Clubhouse has already raced past its total app downloads for all of May and is now on pace to see its app downloads nearly triple month-over-month, according to new data shared by Sensor Tower on Wednesday.

Here are the key figures: Clubhouse was been downloaded about 5.3 million times during the first 15 days of June, which is up 39.4% compared to the 3.8 million downloads the app had in May. If Clubhouse can keep that same pace during the second half of June, the live audio app would have 10.6 million downloads — which would represent a 179% surge month-over-month.

If Clubhouse can clear the 10 million downloads, it would surpass the company’s previous monthly record of 9.6 million downloads back in February, per Sensor Tower.

Clubhouse’s hot start to June comes after rolling out its Android app midway through last month. And so far, the Android app has clearly helped Clubhouse get in front of more users; Clubhouse’s 3.8 million downloads in May represented a 312% increase from April, when the app was downloaded less than a million times. And out of the app’s 5.3 million downloads so far this month, 4.8 million are attributed to Android phones by Sensor Tower.

The spike in downloads is a welcome sight for the Bay Area-based app, which was co-founded last year by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. After a strong start to the year, Clubhouse’s momentum stalled between March and April. And compounding matters, tech giants like Facebook and Twitter have looked to jump into the live audio space with their own Clubhouse clones in recent months — forcing Clubhouse to deal with new rivals at the same time it was working to finish its Android app.

India has been the primary market driving Clubhouse’s recent turnaround. The app has been downloaded 4.2 million times so far this month in India, which counts for 79% of its total downloads so far in June. Clubhouse has been downloaded nearly 26 million times overall since its debut, and the company recently reported it has 10 million weekly users.


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