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‘C’Mon C’Mon’ Trailer: Joaquin Phoenix Tears Up Reading a Kids Book in Mike Mills Drama (Video)

A24 film co-starring Gaby Hoffman and Woody Norman made its premiere at Telluride

We’re not crying, you’re crying … and so is Joaquin Phoenix in his new film “C’Mon C’mon,” which sees him holding back tears as he reads an unexpectedly poignant children’s book to his nephew.

“C’Mon C’Mon” is the third feature by Mike Mills, who has made movies about his father (“Beginners”) and his mother (“20th Century Women”) but now looks to explore his own impulses, foibles and curiosities as a new parent.

Mills’ surrogate is Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny, who forms a tenuous but transformational relationship with his young nephew (Woody Norman) when they are unexpectedly thrown together. TheWrap’s Carlos Aguilar, in his review of the film at Telluride last week, described it as an “intergenerational dialogue turned heartening dramedy” in which the adult characters are as lost as their younger counterparts and in which the future generation retains a bit of hopefulness despite the bleak future today’s adults have left them with.

The first trailer gives a taste of that melancholy dialogue, but more prominently the crisp and beautiful black and white cinematography from “Marriage Story” DP Robbie Ryan. And Phoenix himself is earning some early Oscar buzz for his more tender, humane side flashed in the film.

Gaby Hoffman also stars in “C’Mon C’Mon” as Phoenix’s sister, and A24 is planning to release the movie later this year after it has a premiere at the New York Film Festival.

Check out the first trailer for the film here and above. You can also see a poster for the movie below: