CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Tells Ellen DeGeneres She’s ‘Maybe 90%’ Better Post-Coronavirus (Video)

“Newsroom” host knew she was getting better when she was able to walk the Brooklyn Bridge

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin is on the mend after suffering through the coronavirus and told Ellen DeGeneres that she’s at “maybe 90%” of her usual self.

“I feel solid. I feel like maybe 90%,” Baldwin said during DeGeneres’ Monday show, adding that she knew she was doing better when she was able to walk to the Brooklyn Bridge. “I’m so much better.”

Baldwin, who tested positive for the coronavirus back in April, is seen in a video flinching as a medical professional put a swab deep up her nose.

“That looks horrible just in itself,” DeGeneres winced. “So, when did you start noticing symptoms and was it the same — because, I mean, some people have a completely different experience, so what was your?”

The “CNN Newsroom” host explained that “it’s not a cookie-cutter virus, describing “severe chills” without pain, an eventual fever, and a feeling of, “Oh boy, this might be it.” From there, she said, it lasted a “horrible two weeks,” hitting her the worst around day nine.

Watch the full interview above.

Baldwin is one of three on-air talents at CNN who have tested positive for the virus and used their platform to share their symptoms — or lack of symptoms — with their audience. Primetime anchor Chris Cuomo and CNN Business’ Richard Quest both tested positive, too.