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CNN Commentator Accuses Host Chris Cuomo of ‘Fake News’ in Heated On-Air Exchange (Video)

The phrase was used during a back-and-forth on President Trump’s reception in the Latino community

A pro-Trump CNN commentator accused Chris Cuomo of peddling “fake news” Tuesday during a heated on-air exchange During an exchange about President Donald Trump’s reception by and depiction of the Latino community Tuesday.

“How can the Latino community believe that he loves them when he has said so many anti-Mexican and even anti-Puerto Rican things?” Cuomo asked commentator Steve Cortes, who is on the president’s 2020 re-election committee. “How can he love Latinos when he’s shown such animosity?”

Cortes — who was called out by Trump at a Tuesday night rally for looking “more like a WASP” than the president and for possibly liking “the Hispanics” more than he likes his country — contested the suggestion of “animosity” from Trump and said most Hispanic voters want “results,” not “a man who speaks in an incredibly measured and lawyerly way, someone who will never offend them.”

Trump “has simply been an amazing leader for Hispanics,” Cortes said.

Cuomo persisted, saying that there is an element of “dignity” that has nothing to do with economic gain or policy and that Latinos have been “denigrated time and time again” by Trump.

“That is fake news for you to say that he says bigoted things,” Cortes said. “What’s bigoted is saying we’re doing to turn the border into a racial issue when it’s not.”

From there, the segment devolved quickly into rapid cross-talk and a defensive back-and-forth.

A CNN representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Watch the segment above.