CNN’s Chris Cuomo Compares Trump to ‘Drunk Driver Who Is Pushing Others to Drive Drunk’

CNN host also called POTUS photo-op return to the White House “a bunch of bulls—“

Chris Cuomo
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CNN’s Chris Cuomo branded President Donald Trump’s highly-publicized return from the hospital Monday night “a bunch of bulls—” and comparing the president’s removal of his mask to “a drunk driver who is pushing others to drive drunk.”

“Welcome to the Land of Confusion. Is there anything more to say. Really, do any of you not get what’s happening?” he asked during “Cuomo Prime Time,” just three hours after Trump left Walter Reed Medical Center after three days of treatment for COVID-19. Trump returned to the White House, where numerous staffers and aides — not to mention senators — recently also tested positive. The president then removed his mask in front of the cameras.

Cuomo went on to say that viewers — especially primetime viewers — seek out validation of their own beliefs when they turn on cable news.

“Does anybody really need to tell you anything? There he is: hair blown majestically, reshooting the scene for his own ad,” said Cuomo of footage of Trump removing his mask. “What a bunch of bulls—, going back to the White House. If you want to know the reality, the truth, the virus is the truth. The virus doesn’t care about left and right.”

For those who might want a metaphor, Cuomo — who detailed his own battle with COVID-19 earlier this year — offered that Trump “is a drunk driver who is pushing others to drive drunk. That’s what he is. Do I want to see a drunk driver get hurt? Hell no, but I worry more about the people he hits.”

The decisions to leave the hospital, return to the site of a clustered outbreak and remove his mask amounted, in Cuomo’s mind, to disrespecting the presidency.

Watch his entire fiery breakdown below.


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