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CNN Digital’s Post-Election Audience Grew 51% Over 2016

Wednesday broke every single record for CNN Digital as 116 million unique visitors logged on to see what was happening with the election

CNN Digital broke all its records on Wednesday, according to the network, when 116 million unique users logged on to find out what was going on with the election showdown between incumbent Republican president Donald Trump and Joe Biden. That prompted CNN Digital’s day-after-the-election numbers to see a 51% increase.

CNN’s Election Center saw an increase of 70% from the day after the 2016 election, bringing in a total of 28 million unique visitors. It was also up 159% from Election Day this year. The next-day users averaged 19 minutes spent on the site, which was almost double the average amount they spent on Tuesday.

Wednesday was also the biggest day ever for CNN’s live story, which saw more than a 300% increase from the day after Election Day 2016: 49 million unique users visited.

Live streaming of on-air coverage was also key for CNN’s digital wins Wednesday. The stream of the channel’s “Election Night in America: Continued” had 1.1 million concurrent viewers streaming at its peak around 4:30 p.m. ET, just after CNN projected Biden had won Michigan. The company saw a record-high 15 million unique live video viewers and 41 million live starts on CNN’s platforms.

In the hours usually considered “primetime,” CNN saw an average audience of 568,000 users live streaming the average minute of coverage. When the totals for television and live stream viewers are added up, CNN saw a combined average audience of 7.684 million total viewers.