CNN Host Left Speechless When Actor Says North Korea Killing Seth Rogen and James Franco Would be ‘Great Ending’ to Careers (Video)

“If they do strike Seth Rogen and James Franco, what a great end to their careers,” actor Jay Thomas says to a stunned Brooke Baldwin on CNN

(Updated at 4:12 pm PT with a comment from Jay Thomas)

Actor Jay Thomas’ spokesperson told TheWrap:

“That was a poor choice of words  and Jay certainly meant no ill to either one of them but was emphasisizing that their right to “creative independence” has caused a fire storm that he felt they should have seen coming by stirring the hornets nest of a dangerous dictator with weapons of mass destruction…”

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Emmy award-winning actor and Sirius XM host Jay Thomas stopped by CNN this afternoon to opine on the Sony Hacking cyberattack drama. In the process, he left CNN’s Brooke Baldwin speechless.

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Thomas was on to discuss movie theaters canceling the airing of “The Interview” and terror threats coming in toward theaters, and went on to provide what might become a top contender for sound bite of the year.

“If they do strike Seth Rogen and James Franco, what a great end to their careers,” he said on “Newsroom” Wednesday afternoon.

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Baldwin, seemingly shocked at the comment, leaned forward slightly, issuing no follow-up question, which led Thomas to continue:

“They made a movie, they kept their integrity, and they caused a guy [Kim Jong-un] to launch a missile … I don’t think he will, but think about it for a second. I mean they were told this when they first started all of this.”

Baldwin finally responded, “Hopefully it’s a pump fake.”

Watch the video above.