CNN’s Kyung Lah and Crew Leave GOP Rally, Calling It ‘Not Safe’

CNN’s senior national correspondent tweeted, “It’s not safe given the #Covid19 numbers in Georgia”

Kyung Lah
Getty Images

CNN’s Kyung Lah said on Twitter Wednesday she and her team were leaving a GOP rally in Georgia because it was too much of a health risk in a pandemic.

My entire @CNN team has physically left this indoor rally. It’s not safe given the #Covid19 numbers in Georgia. Again, this is the ‘Save our Majority’ rally in Cobb County,” the senior national correspondent tweeted along with a photo of a mass of attendees.

Prior to the team’s departure, Lah tweeted other pictures from the event, which was hosted by Republican Sens. Marco Rubio and Kelly Loeffler in an attempt to rally Georgia voters ahead of the January special election that will determine whether Republicans or Democrats control the Senate.

“This is what the “Save Our Majority” rally looks like. Speaking before this crowd in a windowless room, Sens. @marcorubio @KLoeffler. Approx 1/3rd to 1/2 of the room is maskless, as Georgia #COVID19 infections enter a red zone,” she wrote

She added more photos of attendees congregated outside after, she said, they’d been told indoor attendance was at capacity.

Loeffler herself tweeted a celebration of the “HUGE crowd” at the rally: “Georgians know what’s at stake on January 5th. We’re fired up — and we’re going to win.”


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