‘Not Touching That Story!’ CNN Anchor Avoids Report About People Flocking to Touch Nun’s Exhumed Corpse

True to his word, Jim Sciutto really did not touch that story

CNN anchor Jim Sciutto
UNSPECIFIED – SEPTEMBER 22: In this screengrab Jim Sciutto and Fiona Hill speak during the CITIZEN by CNN 2020 Conference on September 22, 2020 in UNSPECIFIED, United States. (Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for CNN)

It was the kind of story a newsroom loves for a slow Memorial Day weekend – and Jim Sciutto wanted nothing to do with it.

Over the holiday, reports surfaced everywhere about Wilhelmina Lancaster, a nun who died in 2019 at the age of 95 in Missouri. When her body was exhumed to be moved into a chapel, she was found to be “incorrupt” – a Catholic term for a corpse (and in this case, not embalmed) that shows no signs of decay.

Multiple outlets ran stories over the weekend about people traveling to the rural monastery to view Lancaster’s body. The reports, including a a video segment on CNN, said in some cases people were inspired to even touch and kiss her remains.

But when the cable network rehashed the story Monday on “CNN’s News Central,” anchor Jim Sciutto swerved right around it. According to Mediaite, fellow anchor Boris Sanchez covered the segment and threw to his colleague, who wanted no part.

“I’m not touching that story,” Sciutto said.

And then, sure enough, he swiftly moved on to the next one.

Watch Sciutto’s terse reaction over at Mediaite.