CNN, NBC Respond to GOP Ban Over Hillary Clinton Projects (Updated)

NBC News declined to comment

CNN and NBC have responded to the RNC's Friday vote to ban its presidential primaries from the networks in response to their plans to air a documentary and miniseries about possible 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton.

Both channels emphasized that their projects were still in the very early stages, so the RNC's response was premature and based on little more than speculation.

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"Speculation about the final program is just that," CNN said. "We encouraged all interested parties to wait until the program premieres before judgments are made about it."

"Unfortunately, the RNC was not willing to do that."

NBC Entertainment noted that it is totally separate from NBC News. The miniseries' "script has not been written nor has it been ordered to production," NBC Entertainment said. "It would be premature to draw any conclusions or make any assumptions about it at this time."

NBC News told TheWrap that it had no comment on the RNC's vote.

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The GOP maintained that the Hillary Clinton specials would give the potential Democratic presidential candidate unfair publicity. Conservative watchdog group Media Matters and MSNBC correspondent Chuck Todd have also vocally opposed the projects.

CNN's Candy Crowley was more measured in her response, saying on Sunday that the CNN documentary would make her life "more difficult," she was confident that there was a complete separation between CNN and CNN Films, which is producing the documentary.