Wolf Blitzer Presses Israeli Officer on Refugee Camp Bombing: ‘You Knew There Were Civilians There?’ (Video)

“It’s a very complicated battle space,” IDF spokesman Lt. Col. Richard Hecht says in a CNN interview

Wolf Blitzer, CNN

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer sounded incredulous as he spoke with Israel military spokesman Lt. Col. Richard Hecht on Tuesday about the bombing of a refugee camp in Gaza that took out a senior Hamas official, but also according to local reports killed at least 50 people.

In a excerpt from the interview shared to social media, Blitzer tried to clarify the Israel Defense Forces’ strategy.

“But even if that Hamas commander was there, amidst all those Palestinian refugees who are in there in that Jabalya refugee camp, Israel still went ahead and dropped a bomb there attempting to kill this Hamas commander, knowing that a lot of innocent civilians, men, women and children presumably would be killed,” Blitzer asked Hecht. “Is that what I’m hearing?”

The Times of Israel reported on Tuesday that the bombing killed Ibrahim Biari, who took part in the horrific Oct. 7 terror attack on Israel. The bombing also killed “several other terrorists and caused underground terror tunnels to collapse, bringing down several nearby buildings.”

According to the BBC, as many as 120 people may have been killed and up to 400 wounded in the strike.

Hecht initially implied to Blitzer as the CNN anchor pressed the Israeli officer that they were not aware of the presence of innocent civilians before reiterating Israel had warned residents to evacuate northern Gaza while calling the bombing “the tragedy of war.”

“That’s not what you’re hearing Wolf,” Hecht replied. “Again, we were focused on the commander, who you’ll get the data on who this man was, who killed many many Israelis. We’re doing everything we can. It’s a very complicated battle space. — the infrastructure there, the tunnels there. We’re still looking into it and will give you more data as the hour moves ahead.”

Watch video of the CNN interview below.


2 responses to “Wolf Blitzer Presses Israeli Officer on Refugee Camp Bombing: ‘You Knew There Were Civilians There?’ (Video)”

  1. Bill Orr Avatar
    Bill Orr

    This is the tragedy of war … We told you to move (as if you got the message or could)… We’ve been saying for decades, don’t be born a Palestinian on your ancestral lands, which we stole after murdering your fathers, then mercilessly forced you into grossly overcrowded inhumane concentration camps (Gaza) during the Nakba, where you’ve been brutally treated/abused – where it is impossible for you to avoid/escape from our intentional genocide. After all you are sub-human “Amaleks” and we’re going to bomb the hell out of you and your hospitals. Of course we will say you’re shielding a Hamas terrorist (aka a freedom fighter, per Erdogan), even though we know they reside 180 feet below you in the tunnels – IDF Spokesman Hecht.

  2. Hiroshi Ueha Avatar
    Hiroshi Ueha

    Killing innocent civilians, women and children, eliminate Hamas? More Palestinians will joinHamas! Israel has been killing Palestinians and stealing their land, putting millions of Palestinians in a small place without food, water, living necessities. What is the difference from jewish people being placed in the concentration campuses and killed during world war 2!
    After wwii, the Western European countries like England, France, Germany and u.s.a created Israel nation in the Palestinians place and placed Jewish peopl, taking away from land from Palestinians. And Israel is stealing land from Palestinians constantly.
    There is no way to stop Hamas terrors and eliminate them. People keep joining Hamas!

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