CNN’s Chris Cuomo Apologizes After Saying His Pronouns Are ‘She Her and Her’s’ Just Like Kamala Harris

The quip came during a town hall on LGBTQ issues

Chris Cuomo

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo issued an apology in the middle of the network’s town hall on LGBTQ issues Thursday night after he joked he, too, used female pronouns.

“PLEASE READ: When Sen. Harris said her pronouns were she, her and her’s, I said mine too. I should not have. I apologize,” he tweeted. “I am an ally of the LGBTQ community, and I am sorry because I am committed to helping us achieve equality. Thank you for watching our townhall.”

When Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris walked on-stage, she introduced herself as using “she, her, and hers” as her preferred pronouns.

“Mine, too,” Cuomo responded, which was met with an uncomfortable silence from the Los Angeles audience.

While he was roasted soundly across social media, some were kind to the “Cuomo Prime Time” anchor.

“Chris Cuomo has a great heart. I think this is just a failure to understand how much trans and non-binary people struggle to have our authentic pronouns taken seriously,” tweeted Charlotte Clymer, who does communications for the Human Rights Campaign. “That’s why it’s an issue. It’s the lack of respect for that reality.”

This is not the journalist’s first high-profile walkback in recent months. In August, Cuomo addressed the controversy surrounding a viral video of him yelling at someone for calling him Fredo, tweeting that he appreciates “all the support” but “I should be better.”