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Wild Cat Tests Positive for Cocaine, Triggers ‘Cocaine Bear’ Comparisons

The Elizabeth Banks-directed film is about a bear on cocaine

Just when you thought the film “Cocaine Bear” wasn’t a strange enough concept to intake, “Cocaine Cat” is now trending online after a wild African cat tested positive for the stimulant drug. 

First things first: the cat —which is named Amiry — is in the hands of animal caretakers and is receiving treatment. This all started when officials in Ohio responded to reports that a “leopard” was stuck in a tree. When authorities arrived they found what is categorized as an African serval cat, a member of the feline family that is illegal to own in the state. 

When caretakers at Cincinnati Animal Care checked the animal’s DNA and tested it for narcotics, it showed the cat tested positive for cocaine exposure. Unlike the bear in “Cocaine Bear,” Amiry didn’t harm anyone and authorities have no idea Amiry got in contact with cocaine. However, the cat’s owner is working with the ongoing investigation into the incident. 

Amiry’s story hit the internet, which triggered comparisons to “Cocaine Bear,” a film based on a somewhat-true story about a bear that overdoses on cocaine and then goes on a killing spree. In the real incident the bear never kills anyone and eventually dies from the drug.

The comedy horror movie was written by Jimmy Warden and directed by Elizabeth Banks. “Cocaine Bear,” which stars Ray Liotta, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Scott Seiss, Kerri Russell, Kristofer Hivju and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, premiered in theaters Feb. 24. 

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