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Colbert and Warren Eat Pre-Primary Food So Rich She’ll ‘Want to Tax It’ (Video)

The Massachusettes senator jokes you’ll need universal health care after eating her appetizer of choice

Ahead of Saturday’s South Carolina primary, “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert and Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren decided to head to a bar for some food and drinks.

“Are you prepared for South Carolina food?” asked Colbert, who is originally from the southern state. “It’s very rich. You’re going to want to tax it.”

Raising taxes — especially on wealthier Americans — was a hot topic at the tenth Democratic debate earlier this week, as was beating President Donald Trump out of his re-election bid. Colbert confirmed Warren’s taste for unhealthy food, which he said was similar to Trump’s, so he asked her how she differs from the president.

“I read books,” she responded. “I care about people.”

As they tucked into boiled peanuts, potato skins and other unhealthy foods that Warren admitted were enough to make a voter consider universal health care, she answered more of the host’s questions.

“What’s your favorite state so far?” Colbert asked the candidate, who has been touring the country during the primary season.

“All of them,” she said quickly.

The pair went on to discuss more substantial issues and order less substantial drinks, with Warren choosing a Michelob Light that was swiftly mocked by Colbert.

Watch above, via CBS.