Colbert Mocks ‘Darling Dummies’ in GOP for Refusing to Certify Arizona Midterms: ‘You Keep Shooting Yourself in the Foot’ (Video)

The late night host blasted Arizona Republicans for failing to meet Monday’s deadline to certify the midterm election results

“Late Show” host Stephen Colbert knocked Republicans in the state of Arizona during Tuesday night’s episode for failing to meet Monday’s deadline to certify the results of the midterm election.

“Ok that’s not good, but to be fair who makes a deadline on the Monday after Thanksgiving? The only thing anyone should be doing that day is googling how long turkey is good in the fridge and then ignoring the answer,” Colbert joked. “Four days, really? That’s for amateurs. It’s good until you can smell it with the refrigerator door closed and then you make a tangy soup.”

The Associated Press reported that Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, a Democrat who narrowly won the race for governor, has asked a judge to order officials in Cochise County to canvass the election. In addition, lawyers representing a voter in the county and a group of retirees filed a similar lawsuit on Monday.

State Elections Director Kori Lorick said in a letter that Hobbs is required to by law to approve the statewide canvass by next week and will be forced to exclude Cochise County’s votes if they are not received in time. As a result, a U.S. House seat and state schools chief could potentially flip from Republican to Democrat.

“Oh you darling dummies,” Colbert teased. “I’m surprised you love the Second Amendment so much because you keep shooting yourself in the foot.”

The issue in Cochise County comes as former president Donald Trump has called for Republican candidate Kari Lake to be “installed as governor of Arizona.”

“First of all, no she shouldn’t, she lost,” Colbert said. “Second, installed? She’s not an HVAC system. Although, I understand the confusion. She always looks like she’s photographed through an air filter.”

 Watch Colbert’s full monologue in the video above.