Colbert Fakes Out Audience by Teasing Beyoncé ‘Renaissance’ Tour Stop: ‘The Whole World – That Includes This Theater’ (Video)

“It is in the world,” Colbert jokes, “so it’s gotta be part of the tour”

Stephen Colbert was as delighted on Thursday as you probably are by the news that Beyoncé is embarking a new world tour in support of her hit album “Renaissance.” And he was delighted to announce that Beyoncé will be making an appearance on “The Late Show” as a result.

Of course, that announcement wasn’t true — it was just a fun gag in which Colbert basically tried to wish-cast the superstar into showing up by invoking what we’ll admit is a very clever technicality: It’s a world tour, and his place of work is within “the world.”

“Beyoncé has announced her new world tour,” Colbert said during his monologue. “World tour. The whole world. That includes this theater.”

“It is in the world,” he continued. “So it’s gotta be part of the tour. So I don’t think I’m out over my skis here. I doubt I’ll get in trouble if I announce Beyoncé is coming to ‘The Late Show.’”

“One assumes,” Colbert quickly added. You know, because she isn’t actually coming. “That’s a safe assumption.”

Of course we would be delighted if Beyoncé was a guest on the show, though we suspect that’s not happening.

There’s plenty of other stuff in the monologue of course. Colbert talked a lot about all the Groundhog Day news today — and shockingly there was a lot of it.

You can watch his whole “Late Show” monologue in the video above.