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Kimmel Warns Netflix’s New Account Sharing Rules Could Cost Nick Cannon ‘Millions of Dollars’ (Video)

We share his concerns

With news that Netflix may soon be enacting a (frankly, idiotic) new crackdown on account sharing, Jimmy Kimmel warned in his monologue on Thursday night that the streamer’s new rules could cost Nick Cannon millions of dollars. You know, because Cannon famously has a lot of kids. A lot.

“You know, Netflix is cracking down on password sharing,” Kimmel said. “Their plan is to limit password sharing only to family members who live in your household from now on.”

“This is going to be a huge blow to Nick Cannon. This could cost him millions of dollars,” Kimmel joked.

“Anyone who doesn’t live with you using your password is going to have to get their own account, or you will have to pay to add them as an ‘extra member,’ Kimmel explained. “Some people, you know, may even have to go back to stealing Netflix the old fashioned way, which is sitting with binoculars, in your neighbor’s tree.

“And to those of you who are out there piggybacking on someone else’s account, I get it. I understand you don’t like paying for TV, so let me just say this: My name is Jimmy, and I’m free every night. No charge.”

Kimmel left out the weirdest detail in the new Netflix policy: Apparently they’ll also require all devices to ping the user’s home network once a month, or the account could be locked. This coming from the company that once tweeted “Love is sharing a password.”

You can watch Kimmel’s whole monologue above now.