Colbert Dubs Trump’s Jan. 6 Behavior ‘Kleptocrats in Cars Seizing Power’ (Video)

Colbert found the latest hearings by the Jan. 6 Committee riveting

Unsurprisingly, Stephen Colbert once again spent a lot of time during his opening monologue on Tuesday’s episode of “The Late Show” talking about the latest revelations from the Jan. 6 Committee hearings.

While discussing them, he came up with a pretty funny idea for a TV show based on one particularly galling new accusation against Donald Trump – we’ll get to that momentarily.

But first, Colbert basically recapped the day’s testimony by former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson. Hutchinson testified that she witnessed or learned of several damning things about Trump and his lackeys related to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Among them, she said Trump smashed dishes by throwing them against a wall and demanded that his mob be allowed to bring loaded weapons to his Jan. 6 speech that incited the riot. Supposedly, Trump told associates he knew the mob wouldn’t come after him and wanted security to turn off their metal detectors.

Perhaps most disturbing was Hutchinson’s assertion that Trump physically assaulted a secret service agent who refused to drive him to congress in order to personally attempt to intimidate congress into overturning the 2020 election.

“That is insane,” Colbert said after playing a clip of Hutchinson testifying to Trump’s attack on his driver. “But, it is going to make a great season premiere of ‘Kleptocrats in Cars Seizing Power.’” And of course Colbert included a fake still from the show, depicting Trump attacking Jerry Seinfeld, since the joke was a play on “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

“He went for the throat,” Colbert continued. “When you get into the secret service, you know you have to take one for the president. But you never expect to take on from the president.”

“Thank you for your service!” Colbert said as he mimed someone choking another person to death. “Let’s keep this part secret.

After this, Colbert talked about Hutchinson’s testimony that Trump angrily threw dishes against a wall, staining them with ketchup. He then showed video of her being asked if that was the only such instance of Trump losing his temper like that. She told Liz Cheney, “It was not.”

“The greatest quote in the history of congressional hearings. Evidently the former president breaks a lot of dishes, which is why his handlers make sure his meals are served only in bucket or edible bowl,” Colbert joked as photos of Trump eating KFC and a taco bowl appeared onscreen.

There’s plenty more jokes about the hearings in Colbert’s monologue, and you can watch them all in the video above.